Our Innovative Approach

 VET2Business is an ambitious Erasmus+ Project aiming to provide new, modern VET schemes with a specific Work Based Learning programme in order to support the prosperous development of the Hospitality and Catering Sub-Sectors, by adjusting skills and qualifications of sectoral workforce to the new trends.

The Project is going to tackle identified skills gaps and shortages and respond to the demand for new skills within the Sector. This will be achieved through the design and piloting of two new innovative VET curricula in Hospitality, and Catering Sub-Sectors. We will work closely as a partnership at all stages of the Project to develop new curricula which are demand led, responsive to labour market needs and transferable at European level.

Our Partnership is going to focus on the design of WBL schemes that will be in compliance with the needs of SMEs and give attention in the preparation of skilled personnel that will fill in the gap, providing competences needed to the business sector to keep its competitiveness.

The innovative elements of the VET2Business Project include:

  • The development of new innovative tools that will enhance communication and cooperation between the VET System and the Sectoral Businesses.
  • Knowledge transfer and transnational capacity building, in Hotel and Catering Training modules, including WBL and apprenticeship.
  • Innovative and modernised curricula in 2 EU countries, underpinned by alignment with EU transparency instruments and tools, allowing for their transferability across EU.
  • Piloting of innovative teaching and learning methods in Greece and Germany that will lead to the improvement of competitiveness of SMEs, through employment of skilled and more competent young employees.