Result A.

Two new curricula in Hotel and Catering Sector are being developed and introduced


  1. Current needs analysis on SMEs involved in the Hotel and Catering Sector
  2. A new up-to-date Tourism Skills – Chart
  3. Two new VET Curricula in the Tourism Sector, focusing on WBL and apprenticeshipschemes that represent expectations of SMEs, developed and tested


Result B.

Effective cooperation structures between VET teachers and in-company trainers are being introduced


  1. Development of an “Online apprenticeship monitoring and exchange” platform including VET Teachers, SMEs and the Student Performance Monitoring tool
  2. An Apprenticeship selection tool, where businesses will include their placements, identifying desired skills and students can apply for a position
  3. Adaptation of Curricula to the country specific needs
  4. Training (Trainers, students, and employers)
  5. Piloting in each participating Country (6 month period- 6 tutors per country-15 students per country- 20 employers per country)
  6. An “e-portfolio” for Apprenticeship platform where training material will be accessible to all participants


Design and implementation of two curricula

WP2.4 - Gap analysis