Municipality of Thessaloniki

Being the second largest Municipality in Greece, Municipality of Thessaloniki has an impressive record of Projects implemented within the Tourism Sector and the support of Hotel and Catering businesses in the area. Additionally the Municipality is also implementing numerous other Projects of the European Social Fund and Regional Operational Plans for addressing challenges of Social Inclusion, Poverty and Employment.

Municipality of Thessaloniki is providing the desired local and regional approach. In the heart of the Tourism industry with Halkidhiki at its doorsteps and opening to new markets (i.e. Russians, Turks), Thessaloniki is lately using its rich history to become a city break location. The last three years the town is annually organizing a food market, where local and regional cuisine is being introduced.

Its expertise in implementing Erasmus+ Projects in VET2Business main fields of intervention, include, among others, the creation of local platforms for employment and entrepreneurship of young people in innovation, research and technological development, development of green entrepreneurship, enhancement of employment of young people and professionals in the historical center of Thessaloniki,fostering of the creative side of entrepreneurship and employment in Thessaloniki, as well as balancing the supply and demand of the professional skills needed in the interregional area.