Centrum Fur Innovation und Technologie GMBH

The CIT Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of the administrative District Spree Neisse. It acts as their Regional Economic Development Agency (RDA). It is a public equivalent body and not-profit oriented but organised under German private law. It was established in 1993.

The CIT Ltd carries out all relevant activities of a RDA such assettlement and support service of companies; support service and company of new business (Entrepreneurship Incubator); Project work at Land, Federal and EU level, and development and company of German-Polish contacts. The Projects are mostly focused on the needs of enterprises starting from investments up to personnel qualification.

The CIT Ltd is embedded in a huge framework, where beside others the Brandenburg Labour and Economic Ministries, regional tourism associations, qualified advisers, Technical and Universities of Applied Sciences, Chambers of Industry and Handicraft, enterprise associations, regional multipliers etc.

Due to its large number of European contacts, CIT Ltd was and is involved in some EU cross-border, transnational and international projects/programmes (par example INTERREG A and C, EQUAL, ERASMUS for Young Entrepreneurs, ESF Article 6, LLP Leonardo da Vinci partnerships, ERASMUS+). It is involved in different thematic regional and Federal Land Brandenburg networks too.