Our partnership has formed a coherent approach for reaching the identified target groups.

  • End users: learners, Young learners, VET trainers & employers (SMEs in the Tourism Sector)

The direct beneficiaries of this partnership are the young learners and their parents, teachers and employers taking part in the curricula pilots and WBL, making use of the portfolio of learning and training resources developed.

This practical, hands-on industry experience will benefit the students in each country by enhancing knowledge and delivering first-hand experience of working in the creative sector, increasing opportunities for future employment and labour mobility.

SMEs will be at the centre of this Project at all its stages and will be widely represented in stakeholders’ committees; participate in the research and skills analysis, input in and assess curriculum and WBL modules design, host and mentor students during the work placements, co-design and supervise the live briefs.

All end users above will acquire new skills, knowledge and experience; while learners can expect to have employability advantages locally and transversally.


  • Stakeholders: Αssociations of employers &professionals, policy makers, local and regional authorities, youth organisations.

All stakeholders above will be represented in Stakeholders Committee bringing together stakeholders with a European impact and reach. The SC will be involved throughout the research phase, monitoring curricula delivery and refinement and assessment of the training outputs, participating in the design and deployment of modernised WBL and Apprenticeship programs. The stakeholders will be reached through the all the partners’ networks in their countries and via targeted communication activities.

Employers benefit by being able to feed into the development of the curricula, ensuring their industry needs are better met by students and by having access to future employees.