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VET2BUSINESS Project presented on Radio Cottbus!

vet2b radio cottbus

Our VET2Business Project was hosted on the 6th of December 2019 on the German local radio station “94.5 Radio Cottbus”. Ms Doreen Gröger from CIT GmbH (, one of the project partners, was invited to spread the word about the project, its objectives and results.

Within this context, VET2Business, an Erasmus+ project aspiring to address local needs, was presented on air. Ms Doreen had the opportunity to inform the audience about the Project, intending to reach young learners, local businessmen and other parties being engaged with or planning to work in the Hospitality and Catering Sector! 

She shared important information about the online training materials and the “e-portfolio” learning platform, which were designed and established to support learners’ advancement on Digital and Intercultural Skills in the Tourism Sector, complemented by a piloting implementation under an innovative and market-driven WBL scheme.

You may find out more about our VET2Business project and its achievements on the following link:

Radio Cottbus is an online radio station (, which is very popular beyond the city’s borders. It reaches almost 128.000 individual listeners and its program includes news, informative broadcasts, sports news, as well as a “public space” for local initiatives, associations and organizations to promote their activities.