Neuigkeiten & Veranstaltungen



We are pleased to announce that VET2Business project was completed on the 16th of December 2019. During the last 2 years, we worked closely, faced challenges, overcome them, we met new and interesting people, created strong partnership bonds but, above all, we enjoyed our VET2Business trip.

VET2Business started in September 2017 under Key Action 3 – Support for Policy Reform “VET Business Partnerships” of Erasmus+, to establish a strong cross-regional partnership in Greece and Germany to tackle the students’ and employees’ identified skills gaps in the Tourism Sector. 

The scope of the project was to create two innovative VET curricula in Hospitality & Catering sub-sectors and build a strong network with SMEs while responding to their demands through the implementation of a work-based learning (WBL) scheme.


  • Tackle high youth unemployment and skills mismatch in the Hospitality and Catering Sector, by bridging the gap between VET and Business Sector 
  • Develop up-to-date work-based learning schemes in the Tourism Sector, focusing on the needs of SMEs and emphasizing in the apprenticeship.
  • Transfer knowledge and transnational capacity building, through the developed training modules, including WBL and apprenticeship.
  • Develop new innovative tools that will enhance communication and cooperation between the VET System and the Sectoral Businesses.

Main Activities / Outputs:

Taking into consideration that the Tourism Sector is a rapidly changing field due to the technological progress, the ever-increasing global interconnection and the preferences 

 of modern tourists who seek for customized services, we introduced a consolidated approach with innovative elements, aiming to respond to the actual needs of the market-and more especially SMEs where the demand for multitasking employees with wider range competence is higher.

During the project’s lifetime, we managed to develop: 

  • A common, harmonized methodological framework for needs analysis of SMEs in the Tourism Sector
  • A modern Gap Analysis and an updated Skills Map, representing the actual stances and future tendencies of the tourism sector 
  • Two innovative, up-to-date and market-oriented training curricula for Digital and Intercultural Competences, in alignment with EQF and ECVET standards, offered in 3 languages (German, Greek and English)
  • An online “e-portfolio platform” for an apprenticeship where the developed curricula can be accessed and the acquired knowledge can be tested through quizzes at the end of each section
  • An adaptation process for the Curricula according to the content and specific requirements of the participating countries
  • An online “Apprenticeship Monitoring and Exchange Platform” aiming to facilitate the learning process, monitoring their progress during WBL and providing timely, accurate and professional feedback on learners
  • An embedded Work-Based Learning (WBL) and Apprenticeship scheme, which offers “hands-on” experience to young learners/newcomers/employees who wish to upskilling.
  • A project’s website where the learners, trainers, employers and other interested parties can find useful information about the project


Having in mind to achieve the maximum impact on local, regional and EU level, we adopted multiple approaches to spread the word in a dynamic and diversified way according to the preferences of different target groups. 

Throughout the project implementation, we reached: 

  • Students/Young Learners in the Hospitality and Catering Sector through the social media, website, the project’s platforms
  • VET teachers/trainers through the website, the platforms, e-mail correspondence, publications
  • Tourism-related SMEs and professionals though focus groups, sectoral newsletters and local awareness events, videos

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the implementation of VET2Business project.