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VET2Business Final Conference in Thessaloniki

vet2b final1

With great success, VET2Business Final Conference took place on 17th October 2019 in Thessaloniki, organized by the Municipality, in the Conference Venue of the City Hall.
More than 200 participants from public and private VET schools, business owners and representatives of the local authorities attended the Conference, expressing their genuine interest and being actively involved.

vet2b final2On the first part, the audience was informed about the two, up-to-date Curricula for Digital and Intercultural Skills that were developed with the aim to tackle the identified skills mismatches in the Tourism Sector as well as the VET2Business online “e-portfolio” platform and the online apprenticeship monitoring tool which were designed so as to facilitate the learning process and support it with an effective WBL scheme. Participants were informed about the registration process on the platforms, their use and operation. More importantly, with the contribution of AKMI S.A. designated personnel, the interested parties had the opportunity to register themselves on the spot.  

On the second part, the participants attended a Round Table discussion under the title “Online Apprenticeship Platform: Tackling skills mismatches in the Tourism Sector and Future Trends”. The panel consisted of experts on the tourism sector, professors, and representatives of local Chambers of Commerce and the Municipality, who responded to the audience’s questions at the end of their introduction. The current status of the tourism market in Greece and the future tendencies, the mismatches between the professionals’ acquired skills and the existing or emerging needs, the challenges and ways to address them were among the issues that were raised in the discussion.

The Conference was covered by the municipal television, TV100, and shots were presented, later on, that day, on the broadcast “Dimotis Online” and the news.  

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