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VET2Business Project on “GESTGEWERBE MAGAZIN”, the leading German magazine for Gastronomy and Hospitality!

vet2b 2019

It is an honour to announce that VET2Business Project was hosted in “GESTGEWERBE MAGAZIN”, March’s 2019 printed edition.

“GESTGEWERBE MAGAZIN” is one of the leading magazines specialized in the Gastronomy and Hotel industry in Germany. It targets primarily at entrepreneurs, executives and senior staff in Hospitality sector and is distributed in more than 2000 printed copies.

vet2b mag1As the highest-circulation monthly magazine in the industry, “GESTGEWERBE MAGAZIN” provides the information that a hotelier and restaurateur needs in order to successfully run his business. The spectrum ranges from industry and business news to current trends in products and services as well as practice-oriented specialist topics.

VET2Business is an ambitious Erasmus+ Project under Key Action 3 – Support for Policy Reform “VET Business Partnerships” aiming to establish a strong cross-regional partnership in Greece and Germany in order to tackle the students’ and employees’ identified skills gaps in the Tourism Sector.

VET2Business Project is currently developing two up-to-date training programmes, the 1st on Digital Skills and the 2nd on Intercultural Skills enhancement in Hospitality and Catering Sector. Piloting phase of the two training programmes is expected to start beginning of June 2019, engaging learners, employees and employers from the Sector from both Greece and Germany, with special emphasis on SMEs.

“GESTGEWERBE MAGAZIN” article on VET2Business Project is raising the importance of increasing the attractiveness of job positions in the sector for young people, especially in regions that attract millions of tourists per year, like in Brandenburg region in Germany and in Thessaloniki in North Greece. To achieve so, it is of vital importance to equip the young learners and employees with forward-looking qualifications, while at the same time align the offered training programmes with current and future market needs.

These needs come as a result of technological developments, digitalization, increase of “sharing economy” and other market trends that require more flexibility, intercultural competences and digital skills in order employees to perform under the new Tourism environment.