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The VET2Business began with a Kick-off Meeting at AKMI premises in Thessaloniki on 23rd & 24th October 2017. The first meeting was dedicated to the partners’ acquaintance and the presentation of the technical proposal, aims, objectives and outputs of the VET2Business Project.

At the beginning, the Coordinator welcomed the visiting partners, presented shortly the agenda and welcomed the partners to say a few words for their respective organisation. Each partner had already prepared a short description of its organisation so as to make aware of both their role at the Project, but also the general scope, activities and objectives of the representing organisation.

During the Kick-off Meeting, the Coordinator presented shortly how the Project was initiated as an idea, what are the main shortages and mismatches identified by the VET provider, especially in the area of Tourism. It explained why the partnership is built on that way; a Greek-German partnership and what are the objectives of it.